Shenping Wang has experienced a heart journey of self-introspection. Wang uses sculpture as a vehicle for, as he writes “the expression of his interior spirit world, and strive to create forms that are as rich, restrained and struggling.”

Shenping Wang was born in Beijing, China in 1980. He earned a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Beijing Technology and Business University in 2003. Interestingly, when he graduated he had nothing to do with the work of art for some reason. It took another seven years he has a new opportunity to learn the arts again. In early 2011, he enrolled at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in order to pursue a MFA degree.

The main concept for his current series “Limitation” came from his childhood and adolescence experiences of the artist. As he grew up, Wang always lived in what he calls “a small space”. The life experience of living in such a small space became the main driving force for this young artists work. His work focuses on people’s expressions of emotion that occur when they are in such small limited places.

Whether it be struggle, silence, perplexity, or anxiety, the full range of expression is what the work embodies. Capturing these subtleties of reaction is what the artist is becoming known for. Steel and bronze are used liberally in this artist work. In his series works, the human figure is the subject in most projects and these figures all has extreme long arm and leg. Wang writes “the slender limbs represent a kind of revolt for limitation.”